What would happen if Indonesian-American and Rohingya-American children were tied in a brotherhood gathering event? Surely, they would be enjoy the event. Both of Indonesian and Rohingya children will attend to brotherhood gathering conducted by Dompet Dhuafa USA (DD USA) and Siti Chafsah Islamic Education Circle. Mrs. Chafsah is a muslimah religious leader who educates Indonesian children in DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas.

Seventy Indonesian and Rohingya children were invited to attend the event which titled “The Land of Fraternity”. According to DD USA’s program director, Cut Zahara, the event will present art performances from both Indonesian and Rohingya children. Then a movie tells about the struggle of Rohingya children refugees in the US will be screened. “Indonesian children will also give some school kits to Rohingya children,” said Cut.

Currently about forty Rohingya children who get educational services from House of Learning-DD USA. In the House, they learn Islam and Arabic once a week. This educational services are a part of DD USA’s refugees support system.