“We are very grateful and appreciative to the Indonesian Muslims and other Muslim communities who have helped our community,” exclaimed Meh Sha Lin whose Islamic’s name is Muhammad Saleem. Saleem is one of the young community leader of Rohingya for Philadelphia and New Jersey. His community, currently around 25 families, is still growing in number. These Rohingya families, minorities in Burma, have long faced discrimination and violence in their home country. Few of those who were able to flee will need to learn to live and adapt to the new country. As the team leader from Dompet Dhuafa USA, Cut Zahara who is originally from Aceh, Indonesia, stated, “We are one family. Helping our family members who are in need is an obligation. This effort may help to strengthen the relationship among Muslim communities in the United States” while handing out zakat fitrah and donations to the Rohingya community members. Zakat is an obligation charity in Islam.

Dompet Dhuafa USA had also approached the Sudanese community. Its team led by Dwi Setiawan delivered zakat fitrah and donation to this community who mostly reside in North Philadelphia. “Subhanallah, are these zakats from Muslim communities?,” asked Suad Mansour, one of the Sudanese Muslim community leaders, in her disbelief while receiving Dwi and other Dompet Dhuafa USA team members in one of the evenings during the break of fasting.

When members of the Liberian Muslim community experienced a house fire, they lost their place to stay and their belongings. Dwi Setiawan and Hani White from Dompet Dhuafa USA were able to bring donation which was very highly appreciated by this community. Shiwoh Kamara state, “We thank you very much to Dompet Dhuafa USA”.

The United States of America becomes the new land for these refugees for Muslims from countries like Burma, Sudan, Syria and Somalia. The political turmoil and conflict has displaced these refugees from their homeland. They embrace the offer from the US for this to be their new homeland.

Dompet Dhuafa USA is a non profit organization in the field of humanity by distributing zakat fitrah and donation collected during Ramadhan thus nurturing the relation among refugees and immigrant in the United States. This organization also extends their outreach by distributing zakat fitrah to new reverted in Islam (muallaf) in Virginia during Eid al-Fitr. These gifts helped to warm their Eid al-Fitr celebration as new reverted members in Islam. (jry/hry)