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1310, 2014

Donna Backues, Batik, and Indonesian-American Children

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Photo courtesy: Donna Backues (Thumblr) Preserving cultural heritage among future generations of immigrants in this multicultural country can be very challenging. Cultural heritage provides a connection between the descendants and their parents' or grandparents' homeland. One of the unique aspects of the Indonesian cultural heritage is Batik. What is Batik? It is originated from the Javanese word 'tik' which means [...]

2009, 2014

Dompet Dhuafa USA in the Best Business School in the US: Financial Literacy Class in Wharton

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"Economic inequality is a big issue in this country, United States. This inequality visibly indicated by the median wealth where its value for white families reached $113,000 while its value for black family was only $5,700," according to Keith Weigeit in his first lecture on 'Financial Literacy Course', offered and held by the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania. [...]

908, 2014

Zakat and Cross-Cultural Solidarity Bounding

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"We are very grateful and appreciative to the Indonesian Muslims and other Muslim communities who have helped our community," said Meh Sha Lin whose Islamic name is Muhammad Saleem. Saleem is one of the young community leaders of Rohingya for Philadelphia and New Jersey. His community, with currently around 25 families, is still growing in number. These Rohingya families, minorities [...]

2304, 2014

The Land of Fraternity: Indonesian- and Rohingya-American Children Brotherhood

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What would happen if Indonesian-American and Rohingya-American children were tied in a brotherhood gathering event? Surely, they would enjoy the event. Both the Indonesian and Rohingya children will attend the brotherhood gathering conducted by Dompet Dhuafa USA (DD USA) and Siti Chafsah Islamic Education Circle. Mrs. Chafsah is a muslimah religious leader who educates Indonesian children in D.C., Maryland, and [...]

3003, 2014

A Letter from the Central Africa Republic

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Kentzou, March 25 2014 Viola! Finally my team and I arrived in a small village named Kentzou. It is located in the central of Cameroon's tropical rain-forest which is at the borderline between Cameroon and Central Africa Repubic (CAR). "It's only about 5 kilometers to the borderline," says Hassan Mousa, our local guide. Kentzou is very close to Bangui, the [...]

1903, 2014

Sumayyah Jones and The Beauty of Sharing

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A happy life could be reached by giving happiness to others. Giving happiness is not about donating funds or golds. Donating our competencies and time may be very beneficial for the people in need. As a high school student, Summayah Jones known as Maya, does this in the House of Learning-Dompet Dhuafa USA. She donates her time and teaching skills [...]