Purify Your Net Worth by Giving Zakat

Are you a professional with an income that sufficient to cover all of your and your family's living expenses? Are you a staff with income above the government poverty line? If yes, you must cleanse your income by giving a portion of the income as a mandatory Islamic charitable giving (zakat). The contemporary scholars in [...]

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Prophet Muhammad’s Immigration Policy and the “Madinah Dream”

Prophet Muhammad is an immigrant who migrated from the City of Makkah to Yathrib. After the Prophet's migration, muslims called Yathrib as Madina or Madinatu An-Nabiy (or the City of Prophet Muhammad). At his first days in Madina, Muhammad declared the City as a city that welcoming immigrants from all over the world. The City's [...]

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DAYA Center: Educating Future Agents of Change

DAYA Center is a rebranding of Dompet Dhuafa USA's education program: HOLA (House of Learning). DAYA Center stands for Development and Advancement for Youth in Action Center but the word DAYA also has a deeper meaning in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia). According to the Official Indonesian Dictionary published by Republic of Indonesia, DAYA means (1) an [...]

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Zakat and Cross-Cultural Solidarity Bounding

"We are very grateful and appreciative to the Indonesian Muslims and other Muslim communities who have helped our community," said Meh Sha Lin whose Islamic name is Muhammad Saleem. Saleem is one of the young community leaders of Rohingya for Philadelphia and New Jersey. His community, with currently around 25 families, is still growing in [...]

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Dompet Dhuafa House Of Learning in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA- Political turmoils in Muslim countries encourage huge number of Muslims to flee from their home countries. These people become refugees and ask assylum to many countries, especially to the United States (U.S.).  Since 1980's 1.8 millions refugees have settled on U.S. soil.  Most of them came from Sudan, Irak, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, and Rohingya. [...]

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