DAYA Center: Educating Future Agents of Change

DAYA Center is a rebranding of Dompet Dhuafa USA's education program: HOLA (House of Learning). DAYA Center stands for Development and Advancement for Youth in Action Center but the word DAYA also has a deeper meaning in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia). According to the Official Indonesian Dictionary published by Republic of Indonesia, DAYA means (1) an [...]

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Sending Aid to Rohingya Refugees with Dignity

"The Rohingya refugees from Myanmar are desperately need our help. Our humanitarian aid teams will try our best to send relief as fast as we can. I'm very proud of you (Indonesian humanitarian organizations), who hold on your professionalism even at this tough situation," says Mrs. Rina Soemarno, Republic of Indonesian's Ambassador to the People's [...]

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Hurricane Harvey Temporary Shelter at Rockport, Texas

Although the heavy rain that came with Hurricane Harvey is over, parts of Texas still remains flooded with shelters being strained to it's limits. Rockport, Texas is a town of 10,000 people where most of the homes sustained significant damaged and where parts of city has been wiped out. You can find more images of [...]

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Donna Backues, Batik, and Indonesian-American Children

Photo courtesy: Donna Backues (Thumblr) Preserving cultural heritage among future generations of immigrants in this multicultural country can be very challenging. Cultural heritage provides a connection between the descendants and their parents' or grandparents' homeland. One of the unique aspects of the Indonesian cultural heritage is Batik. What is Batik? It is originated from the [...]

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Zakat and Cross-Cultural Solidarity Bounding

"We are very grateful and appreciative to the Indonesian Muslims and other Muslim communities who have helped our community," said Meh Sha Lin whose Islamic name is Muhammad Saleem. Saleem is one of the young community leaders of Rohingya for Philadelphia and New Jersey. His community, with currently around 25 families, is still growing in [...]

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The Land of Fraternity: Indonesian- and Rohingya-American Children Brotherhood

What would happen if Indonesian-American and Rohingya-American children were tied in a brotherhood gathering event? Surely, they would enjoy the event. Both the Indonesian and Rohingya children will attend the brotherhood gathering conducted by Dompet Dhuafa USA (DD USA) and Siti Chafsah Islamic Education Circle. Mrs. Chafsah is a muslimah religious leader who educates Indonesian [...]

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Dompet Dhuafa House Of Learning in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA- Political turmoils in Muslim countries encourage huge number of Muslims to flee from their home countries. These people become refugees and ask assylum to many countries, especially to the United States (U.S.).  Since 1980's 1.8 millions refugees have settled on U.S. soil.  Most of them came from Sudan, Irak, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, and Rohingya. [...]

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