Yance, Tapioca, and Instant Ramen Noodle: A Story of Children Starvation in the Land of Gold

On that day, Rosita Rivai had an opportunity to eat lunch at Yance's small house. Yance is a native Asmat, Papua. Along with Yance's children, Yustina and Miranti, Rosita was eating the family's daily menu: tapioca pudding and instant ramen noodle. The menu surprised Rosita, a volunteer doctor who was deployed to Asmat. Her main [...]

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Intergenerational Angklung (Bamboo Music Instrument) Class

In Spring 2018, DAYA Center is launching our first inter-generational Angklung Class. Angklung is a traditional Indonesian musical instrument made of bamboo. The class will be held on Thursdays from 5:30pm-7:00pm. The Spring semester begins March 8th- all musical levels welcomed. The Angklung Class will be taught by Dawn Werme Pratson. Dawn was the founding [...]

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Islamic Saturday School at DAYA Center Was Split Due To High Number of Students

Our first day of Islamic Saturday School at DAYA Center was very excited. The diverse muslim communities in South Philadelphia were very enthusiastic to enroll their children this semester. "I was looking for Islamic School like this in South Philly and I found this place. Thank you for doing this great work," said Sarah, a [...]

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Orientation for College Access Program at DAYA Center

Our DAYA Center launched its second batch of College Access Program today. Last year the program was successfully accompanying high school students to choose majors and enroll colleges. This year the program is designed for 11 and 12 graders. While the curriculum for 11 graders focuses on how to select major and enroll to some [...]

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DAYA Center Introduced Angklung Musical Instrument at Eastern University

DAYA Center and an Indonesian Student Group at Eastern University introduced angklung, a traditional bamboo musical instrument, at the University's Multicultural Night. The angklung interactive session was very interactive and fun for the event attendees. The audience were asked to join the performance and play angklung together. "This is my first time watching and seeing [...]

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DAYA Center is Now a Partner of The City of Philadelphia’s OAE

Dompet Dhuafa USA's DAYA Center established a partnership with The City of Philadelphia's Office of Adult Education (OAE). DAYA Center will be one of myPLACESM program partners that offers a one-stop for Adult Education and Career Preparation. As a myPLACESM site, DAYA Center will allow an adult learner to enroll in Adult Basic Education (ABE), [...]

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Integrating Young American Muslims in One Ummah

Saturday morning is always a happy day for Hafsah and her younger brother, Shabir. On that day, they meet their peers at an Islamic Saturday School in DAYA Center-Dompet Dhuafa USA. The school always reminds Hafsah of her childhood in Malaysia and her mom, who still lives in the country. Hafsah's father, a Burmese refugee [...]

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ESOL Cafe: A New Life Starts with a Cup of Coffee

Can a cup of coffee changes one's life? Can an ESOL course bring new opportunities for a new immigrant? Yes, they can! This is the the third year of our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program. For many newcomers in the U.S., ESOL course can be a burden. They need to come at [...]

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Mexico Earthquake: Hermana Ana Silvia is Back on Her Feet

We first met Ana Silvia Hernandez de Altin a few weeks ago when Dompet Dhuafa USA went to Mexico to bring Indonesian Aid. The recent earthquake devastated hermana (sister) Ana Silvia's home. As she returned to her home, she found nothing except debris. Her cooking appliances that she uses to cook and sell cakes in [...]

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Central Mexico Earthquake, Dompet Dhuafa USA To Send Indonesian Aid

Picture: Luis Alberto Cruz/AP A 7.1 Richter scale earthquake hit 12 kilometers South West of Axochiapan, State of Morelos in Central Mexico on Tuesday, September 19, at 13:14 CT.  Government sources informed the death toll at 331 people, 1819 injured, hundreds still missing, and 11,000 homes damaged. The Mexican government is coordinating the [...]

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