Dompet Dhuafa USA provides educational program through its House of Learning, a community learning center in South Philadelphia, PA. The House has provided courses, workshops, and seminars for diverse communities. These are some courses and workshops in the House:

1. Islamic Saturday School


Our Islamic Saturday School teaches Islamic Studies, Arabic, and Qur’an Memorization. Currently this school has about forty students who come from diverse communities in South Philadelphia, such as Algerian, Lebanese, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Burmese. The School opens Saturday at 10.30am to 12.30pm. Watch video about our Islamic Saturday School here.

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2. Islamic After School Tutoring


Our Islamic After School Tutoring teaches Arabic and Quran Memorization in a fun way for children. Students can choose two days/week tutoring at 4pm to 5.30pm.

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3. Muslim Youth Online Circle (Youth Halaqa)


Our Youth Halaqa motivates American muslim youths by inspiring the youth with Islamic values and contributing to the local communities. On the weekly session, the youths will learn Arabic and Islamic motivational webinars.

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