Aqiqah (Welcoming Baby Celebration)

//Aqiqah (Welcoming Baby Celebration)
Aqiqah (Welcoming Baby Celebration) 2017-03-29T20:37:57+00:00
Foto credit: Azahari Salleh

Foto credit: Azahari Salleh

Aqiqah (عقيقة) is an Islamic tradition of showing gratitude to the God of a newborn baby. Parents may show this gratitude by sacrificing animals (such as sheep, goats, camels), prepare meals from the meat and invite the community, including the poor to share in the joyous occasion. Show your gratitude and joy by sacrificing sheep or goats and distributing the meat to the poor! Dompet Dhuafa USA distributes your aqiqah meals to impoverished communities, disaster affected areas, and remote locations. We always ensure that we buy animals from our livestock farmers, slaughter them with sharia compliance, and cook the meat as delicious meals for people in need. You can choose between Standard Aqiqah package and Premium Aqiqah package. Celebrate your gratitude of your newborn baby by clicking this link.

Aqiqah in an Orphanage in Indonesia