PHILADELPHIA- Political turmoils in Muslim countries encourage huge number of Muslims to flee from their home countries. These people become refugees and ask assylum to many countries, especially to the United States (U.S.).  Since 1980’s 1.8 millions refugees have settled on U.S. soil.  Most of them came from Sudan, Irak, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, and Rohingya.

“Therefore one of Dompet Dhuafa USA’s programs is supporting these refugees,” says Haryo Mojopahit, Executive Director Dompet Dhuafa USA. Around 35 to 40 percent of those refugees are children. Those children only came with their mothers because their fathers were killed by the conflicts.

“Surely, they get culture shock in the new country. The government assistance is not enough for them to feel settled.” Haryo explains.

Saturday school for Rohinganese children refugees from Burma is one of Dompet Dhuafa USA’s program to support refugees in Philadelphia. The program gives educational services for these children in South Philadelphia, PA.

“As a pilot project, the program serves 40 Rohingyanese children in South Philly,” says Cut Zahara Hamzah, Program Director Dompet Dhuafa USA.