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What do you have to do when your workplace is unsafe? What do you do if you become sick due to your daily activities at work? Not many immigrant workers know what they have to do if they have issues with their jobs or workplaces. DAYA Center-Dompet Dhuafa USA hosted PhilaPOSH who provides education for immigrant workers’ rights. PhilaPOSH, or the Philadelphia Area Project on Occupational Safety and Health, is an organization whose mission is “the prevention of injury, disease and death on the job through information, education, technical assistance and political action.”

PhilaPOSH’s Immigrant Outreach & Trainer, Natalia Nicastro, on Thursday (4/12), came to DAYA to talk to the adult learners about workers’ rights and work related safety issues. Natalia introduced the idea of worker’s rights through a series of activities and information for workers regardless of their status.

They learned about the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire which is one of the deadliest industrial disasters in America where 146 factory workers (most of whom are immigrants) died. They also learned new vocabularies relating to their health and safety at work and how to prevent injuries in workplace but also what to do if they are injured at work. .

Immigrant and refugee communities are often at risk at work because they are afraid to speak up and feel that they do not have voice. In addition, many do not prioritize health because they work long hours. Health access for these communities are often limited due to language access and health coverage.

Having organizations like PhilaPOSH outreach to community organization like DAYA Center allows reliable information to be discussed and shared among community members. The workers’ education is in line with Dompet Dhuafa’s main activities: Serving, empowering, and advocating. We thank Natalia for coming and look forward to hosting PhilaPOSH in the near future!

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This post is also available in: Indonesia (Indonesian)