Over Labor Day weekend, our Executive Director Cut Zurnita (Nita) attended the 55th Annual ISNA Convention in Houston, Texas. ISNA stands for the Islamic Society of North America and is the largest gathering of Muslim-Americans to discuss their role in society, politics, public media, activism and education institutions, etc.

First, she went to Masjid Istiqal Houston where she met with the head of the Masjid and met with the Masjid’s cycling group to personally introduce Dompet Dhuafa USA.

At ISNA, she attended the State Council roundtable discussion. The roundtable revolved around encouraging Muslim-Americans to participate in voting during the upcoming election by doing research to see the candidates positions.

Nita also met with the Indonesian Consul General of Houston Dr. Nana Yuliana, staff from KJRI, Indonesian Diaspora and Baitumaal, a houston based non-profit organization.

Her goal for the conference was to network with other Indonesian Islamic group and to learn from others. When asked about her thoughts and feelings after the conference Nita stated “I am inspired by how ISNA has been around for 55 years and other organizations that have exist in the U.S. for a long time and the work that they are doing in the Islamic community especially as we are living in this climate. I was also marveled by the founders of ISNA who started with very little knowledge about Islam. They shared about how when they first moved to the U.S. they missed their first Eid but they learned, networked and outreached to ensure that their family and children are educated in the Islamic way of life.”

What’s next for Nita and Dompet Dhuafa USA?

We are starting our Fall semester Islamic Saturday & Sunday school starting for students at DAYA Center in Philadelphia along with a myriad of other programming such as Adult ESL and even an Angklung class. Nita will also be attending the upcoming
IMSA-MISG Muktamar  in New Jersey.