Impact of Palu-Donggala Earthquake and Tsunami:

  • Damage to several infrastructure
  • Communication network is down in City of Donggala and its surroundings because PLN electricity supply is cut off.
  • Dozens  of people’s homes have been destroyed

In the midst of the trauma experienced by earthquake victims in Donggala, they have to survive with conditions that are full of limitations.

Hand in hand for Palu, Donggala & Sigi

They need to rise again. That is why Dompet Dhuafa has initiated several programs for Palu, Donggala, and Sigi such as:

    • Health Medical Team for displaced victims who need direct health services
    • Psychological First Aid (PFA) one of the services offered to displaced victims to aid in trauma recovery
    • Emergency Mosque as an emergency place of worship
    • Temporary House (RUMTARA) provides temporary housing for displaced victims
    • Water Purifier acts as water reservoir which provide access to clean water.

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