Three weeks after earthquake and tsunami hit Palu, part of the fast response of Dompet Dhuafa was to start building shelter with integrated cluster concept. A total of 138 (189 as of publication) Rumtara or “Temporary Houses”- entered the construction phase on an area of ​​3 hectares in Lolu. Rumtara, which has an area of ​​4×5 meters with a height of 4.5 meters is intended for survivors affected by the disaster. So that in the near future, they will have a more comfortable living quarters from tents or tarps.

“At this stage, Dompet Dhuafa applies a pattern of community empowerment. Developments are carried out by cooperating with the community, which is under expert supervision of the sub-unit of Dompet Dhuafa Konstruksi,” explained Benny, General Manager of DLTD (Directorate of Emergency Response Services) Dompet Dhuafa.

Adi (Coordinator of the Dhuafa Wallet Response for the Sigi Area) added that the goal was to build Rumtara for 138 Households. This amount, of course, will continue to increase according to the assessment results in the field.”At this stage, Dompet Dhuafa is not only working on building Rumtara. But also the efforts to build a prayer room, Mandi Cuci Kakus facilities (facilities for bathing, washing and latrine), water sources, and public spaces that will be used as health and psycho-social service posts. Hopefully the construction will be finished soon and can be utilized. Of course the acceleration of the development is also accompanied by community donations that flow through Dompoet Dhuafa”

(Adapted and Translated from Dompet Dhuafa / Dhika Prabowo)

Palu Earthquake

Dompet Dhuafa USA’s goal is to assist in the development of temporary houses (RUMTARA) and other public facilities desperately needed in Central Sulawesi and to provide rice to the families affected by the disasters. For more information, please contact us at

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