Adapted and translated from author – Maifil Eka Putra on Monday October 29th

Original article in Indonesian

KULAWI (KBK) –  Kulawi Subdistrict, Sigi Province, Central Sulawesi is a region deep in the hills. To reach the area from Palu City under normal conditions usually takes 4.5 hours.

To get to this area, one must  pass 76 Km of hilly roads, which has a steep valley on its right and on the left, hills that are prone to landslides. More than 10 KM is an area that is very prone to landslides that blocks the road.

The earthquake, tsunami and liquefaction experienced by Central Sulawesi on Friday (9/28/2018) impacted Kulawi which is located deep in the hills, At Bolapapo in  Boladangko Village, which has 171 families with 570 inhabitants, all houses there are flat on the ground.

“100 percent of the population’s houses are flat on the ground, now they live in tents,” said Sindy, Indonesian Loves Nature Volunteer (RPAI), who became a partner of Dompet Dhuafa in distributing aid in Kulawi.

In the vicinity around Kulawi, around 676 households are affected and have urgent need for basic food and electricity. Through RPAI, Dompet Dhuafa will gradually deliver 6 more generators.

“Two days ago we brought 4 and today, Monday (10/29/2018) we bring 2 more,” said Director of Disaster Management Center (DMC), Awaluddin to KBK, when delivering the generator sets.

The six generators have been delivered to the Siun GPID Church (Bolapapu), PK Pangana (Bolapapu) Church, Boya Mosque (Bolapapu), Al Ijtihaj Mosque (Matue Village) and Almunawarah Mushroom (Bolapapu).

“Another one will still be stored in the RPAI Command Post to be delivered tomorrow to the church according to the direction of the District Head,” explained Rizky, RPAI Coordinator in Bolapapu

All in all, said Rizky, 30 gensets are needed based on the need of 7 churches and 26 mosques.

Will Dompet Dhuafa help for the 30 generator sets?

“We will see later, whether the stock of generators provided by donors is sufficient and can be shared equally in the affected areas in Central Sulawesi,” said Utep, Dompet Dhuafa Main Command Coordinator for the response to the Central Sulawesi earthquake when asked to confirm.

The generators is important for the region because the earthquake had cut off electricity access to Kulawi, time is needed to repair it. In addition some electricity poles were washed away by landslides and flash floods.

At this time, if heavy rains come, it can be ascertained that landslides will occur and cover the road. It will take time to open road access to Kulawi.

In addition to generators, Dompet Dhuafa also handed over 195 hygiene kits and several bags of rice. “The urgent needs are food and lighting,” Awaluddin concluded.

Awal also explained that the generators delivered to the Churches did not come from zakat funds, but rather the humanitarian funds collected by Dompet Dhuafa. “In disaster situations, Dompet Dhuafa does not differentiate between tribes and religions, all of them are helped for humanity,” he explained.