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Emil Ranakusuma, Chairman

Emil received his BA in Marketing from Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia in 1998 and MBA in Marketing from Cleveland State University in 2002. Emil worked in various industries such as retail, advertising, and marketing research in the United States and Indonesia in various positions as Retail Manager, Account Manager, and Research Manager, respectively for over 7 years. After gaining years of experience from working as an employee, Emil decided to start his own business and became an entrepreneur in 2007 as a Subway Franchisee. Emil received a recognition for “Outstanding Street Fighting Efforts and Promotion of the Brand” several years by Subway. Emil is very excited to join Dompet Dhuafa USA because he want to create a social business that can benefit communities around the world. He believes that, “The best of people are those that bring most benefit to the rest of mankind.”  

Lisna Utami Harjianto, Board Member

Lisna is currently working with the State of Delaware. She received her degrees from Bandung Institute of Technology, Michigan State University, and University of Delaware. As part of the Boards, she hopes to help the goals of Dompet Dhuafa USA in ziswaf services that promote responsibility and making positive impacts to diverse communities locally and globally.

Emir Amirullah

Emir received his BS in Accounting from University of Indonesia in 1998 and MBA in Finance from University at Buffalo in 2003. Emir is currently working for Sallie Mae as Director, SOX Governance and is excited to join and help grow Dompet Dhuafa USA.

Wahyu Lestari

Wahyu Lestari is a university professor who lives in the high desert of Arizona. She earned her engineering degrees from the Technische Universiteit Delft and the Georgia Institute of Technology. She always aspires to empower lives and to offer cares to the vulnerable populations. As a member of the Boards, she intends to assist Dompet Dhuafa USA in fulfilling its vision and mission while also ensuring good governance practices. In her leisure time, she enjoys cooking, photography and outdoors activities

This post is also available in: English (English)