Since mid June 2021, Indonesia has reached a record-breaking run of > 10,000 new cases of covid-19 daily, and the trend continued to increase to its highest 7-day average of more than 50,000 cases on July 18th. The hospital system in Java is in the brink of collapse, bed occupancy rate has reached above 90%, and many patients have to be turned away or forced to wait in the corridors while awaiting care.

DD USA works together with our regional Dompet Dhuafa affiliates to provide assistance to those who need it the most. Dompet Dhuafa has delivered oxygen tanks donation for two hospitals in Jabodetabek area, namely RSUD Kebayoran Lama in South Jakarta and RSUD Kota Depok in Depok. These two hospitals also received our donation of tents to set up makeshift field hospitals outside their compound in order to treat the overflow of covid-19 patients.
This photojournal by Yudha Baskoro on Jakarta Globe news site depicts the dire situation as seen in RS Cengkareng, West Jakarta.

It is critical for Indonesia to get this under control within the next few weeks, and thus the government has imposed strict lockdown measures from July 3rd – August 2nd 2021. These measures that restrict mobility, social interaction and opening hours of specific businesses will have an adverse impact on the economy, particularly for people who rely on daily revenues as their income such as street vendors, restaurant waitstaff, taxi and ojek drivers. Thus in addition to helping people with their medical needs, like our friends at DD Jateng with their ambulance providing transport of dhuafa covid-19 patients to hospitals free of charge, we also provide oxygen tanks, food staples, vitamins and medicines for people impacted by the lockdown (Nutrisi untuk Isoman).

Click on Donate Now to contribute to our general covid-19 relief fund and save lives of patients recovering from covid-19. You can save someone’s life by supporting our team in providing medical care, providing oxygen tanks, or essential food and vitamins to covid-19 patients recovering at home. Your donation can also alleviate a family’s burden who just lost their loved one to the deadly virus with our team’s efforts to process the bodies according to Islamic ritual and disinfect the house afterwards to prevent the virus from infecting someone else in the neighborhood.

Make your donation go further with Corporate Matching program. Ask your employer if you have a corporate gift matching program, and add us (Dompet Dhuafa USA, tax EIN: 46-4722979) to their list of charities their employees can contribute to. We are a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You can then donate through your employer and have your donation matched by your employer to double and even triple its impact.

One such matching program that we are enrolled in is called Benevity. There are many similar programs, as more corporations are becoming more active in social responsibility and want their employees to take advantage of this benefit to make a difference in your communities.

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