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One of the goals of paying zakat is to fulfil the fourth pillar of Islam. As Muslims, we must do this worship. Zakat itself is divided into two types in Islam, the first is zakat fitrah, which is the zakat that we usually spend before Idul Fitri day, and zakat maal is the zakat issued on our possessions. Allah promises many things in the importance of carrying out the service of paying zakat, one of which is perfecting religion because this is part of the pillars of Islam that must be fulfilled by every Muslim.

Besides, by paying zakat, we can purify our possessions, and this does not disentangle our assets at all. However, by actually understanding the benefits of dispensing zakat, Allah SWT will always give us glory and add unexpected fortune from various directions. In the Qur’an An-Nisa verse 162, Allah promises a great reward in the form of entering paradise for those who establish prayers, perform alms, and believe in Allah SWT and the last day.

Dompet Dhuafa Insyallah will always be committed to distributing zakat as well as possible to people in need in the U.S and Indonesia.