Kupas Tuntas Berkurban

Yang masih ragu membeli dari kami, monggo ikutan supaya bisa mengenal lebih dalam program kurban kami. Yang sudah membeli, kami mengucapkkan banyak terima kasih. Silakan ikutan juga. In Sha Allah kami akan jalankan amanah teman2 semua dengan sebaik2nya. Update Kupas Tuntas Berkurban 15 Juli 2020 Assalamualaikum Ibu/ Bapak. Insya Allah 30 menit lagi akan [...]

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Tebar Hewan Kurban

Segerakan niat menunaikan ibadah kurban tahun ini via Dompet Dhuafa. Semua orang insya Allah bisa berkurban lewat program Tebar Hewan Kurban Dompet Dhuafa. Pelaksanaan program yang sudah melintasi masa seperempat abad, menunjukkan kepercayaan masyarakat yang terus meningkat. Kini hadir dengan berbagai inovasi yang lebih menguntungkan bagi semua stakeholder : lebih terjangkau, menguntungkan peternak dan [...]

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Bandang Flooding Relief Effort

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018  Dompet Dhuafa team has arrived at the location of the Bandang flooding incident in West Java. The results of the interim report are as follows: Types of Events: Flash floods and landslides Event Time: Tuesday 6 November 2018 at 05.00 WIB Location of Events: Cipatujah sub-district & Karang Nunggal [...]

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Palu Earthquake & Tsunami Update and How You Can Help

Three weeks after earthquake and tsunami hit Palu, part of the fast response of Dompet Dhuafa was to start building shelter with integrated cluster concept. A total of 138 (189 as of publication) Rumtara or "Temporary Houses"- entered the construction phase on an area of ​​3 hectares in Lolu. Rumtara, which has an [...]

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Help Rebuild Palu, Donggala, and Sigi

Impact of Palu-Donggala Earthquake and Tsunami: Damage to several infrastructure Communication network is down in City of Donggala and its surroundings because PLN electricity supply is cut off. Dozens  of people's homes have been destroyed In the midst of the trauma experienced by earthquake victims in Donggala, they have to survive with [...]

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ISNA Covention 2018

  Over Labor Day weekend, our Executive Director Cut Zurnita (Nita) attended the 55th Annual ISNA Convention in Houston, Texas. ISNA stands for the Islamic Society of North America and is the largest gathering of Muslim-Americans to discuss their role in society, politics, public media, activism and education institutions, etc. First, she went to [...]

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Immigrant Workers’ Rights Workshop with PhilaPOSH

What do you have to do when your workplace is unsafe? What do you do if you become sick due to your daily activities at work? Not many immigrant workers know what they have to do if they have issues with their jobs or workplaces. DAYA Center-Dompet Dhuafa USA hosted PhilaPOSH who provides education for [...]

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PSSA Tryouts: Preparing Students’ Confidence and Readiness for the State-Wide Exam

Rio Tan is very optimistic now. He just finished his PSSA Tryouts at DAYA Center. “He is not nervous anymore after seeing the tryouts’ results” says Rio’s mother. Rio is one of the 750,000 students in Pennsylvania who will take the PSSA (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment). The state-wide examination seeks to assess students, teachers [...]

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