As a non-profit organization committed to uplifting the social and humanitarian conditions of underprivileged communities, Dompet Dhuafa USA continually strives to create tangible positive impacts. In collaboration with Dompet Dhuafa Jogja, one of our latest initiatives is the Inspiring Library program in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. This program is funded from our $3,500 zakat donations.

Indonesia still faces significant challenges in literacy. Despite some improvements, the latest Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) results place the country at rank 68, indicating a need for further enhancement. Recognizing the central role of libraries in effective education, we felt it necessary to provide education to school principals and teachers on better library management practices.

For this program, we selected three schools as beneficiaries: Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) Ma’arif Sendang, National Elementary School (SDN) Wijimulyo, and National Elementary School (SDN) Depok. The program began with providing training to teachers in selected schools. 39 teachers from these three schools participated in the training. The training materials covered essential aspects, ranging from Library Management, the legal foundations and key components of libraries, book management, book categorization, ideal library layout, to basic literacy activities.

The training was designed to provide comprehensive knowledge to the participants. In the Library Management training sessions, we discussed the legal foundations and essential components of library management. We also provided practical guidance on acquiring library materials and processing books, and effective book categorization techniques. Additionally, we helped design an ideal library layout that is not only comfortable but also attractive to students.

We were very proud to see the enthusiasm of the teachers during the training. They not only learned the theory but also practiced developing library development plans for their respective schools. This demonstrated their commitment to improving the quality of education and literacy in their school environments.

In addition to the training, we also provided book donations to each school. MI Ma’arif Sendang received 209 books, SDN Depok received 331 books, and SDN Wijimulyo received 154 books. These books were carefully selected to ensure they meet the needs and interests of the students. Moreover, we provided bookshelves that display books face-forward, making it easier for children to see and be attracted to the books.

We are deeply grateful to the donors who have entrusted their zakat to Dompet Dhuafa USA. Your support enables us to implement programs that offer real and sustainable benefits to the community. We always strive to present innovative and impactful programs to various segments of society.

Our hope is that this training program will not only enhance the library management skills of teachers but also serve as a new solution and motivation for children in the region to increase their reading interest and literacy. We believe that with collaboration and support from various parties, we can create a brighter future for the next generation.

We invite everyone to continue supporting us in our efforts to create positive changes in the community. With strong spirit and commitment, we are confident that we can overcome literacy challenges and build a more knowledgeable and empowered society. Thank you for your trust and support. Let’s work together to build a better future through education and literacy, In sha Allah.