Program's Beneficiaries

The first harvest of the collaboration program between Dompet Dhuafa USA and Dompet Dhuafa Central Sulawesi was completed. On July 30, 2022, the first harvest was carried out in Loru Village, Sigi Regency, Central Sulawesi.

This is a zakat fund distribution program in which the beneficiary must be one of the eight asnaf who are eligible for zakat funds. Dompet Dhuafa USA is committed to developing empowerment programs so that these beneficiaries are no longer classified as zakat recipients.

This program began with the construction of a Green House on land borrowed from the mosque by Dompet Dhuafa Central Sulawesi. The Green House is then filled with a large hydroponic table with 3,200 holes for hydroponic plant growth.

This program has 5 beneficiaries who are being trained in hydroponic cultivation. They are Mrs. Nermi, Mrs. Fitriani, Mrs. Indarty, Mr. Alamsyah, and Mr. Judhan who are Impoverished. They were trained by Mr. Gani, the local hero who understands hydroponic cultivation.

Celery is the type of vegetable grown. Only 1,200 of the 3,600 holes planted were successfully harvested in this first harvest, yielding approximately 171 kg of celery or Rp. 4,275,000,-.

“Alhamdulillah, the results of hydroponic cultivation really help us to meet our daily needs, particularly household needs,” Mrs. Fitriani said.

The greenhouse’s proximity to the mosque reactivated the Quranic garden for children who had previously been inactive. It is hoped that the next harvest will increase the number of holes harvested and that the beneficiaries will be able to manage these hydroponic plants independently.

By Dewita Apriliana