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Natural disasters can strike at any time, and disaster management is crucial to minimize the impact to victims and to help get them the necessary aid in times of need. As a country with diverse geologies, Indonesia is prone to disasters such as flooding, volcanic eruption, earthquake, and even tsunami.

When disaster strikes, Dompet Dhuafa is committed to helping the impacted areas in multiple stages. The first stage, if the disaster occurs in Indonesia, is to send a team of first responders to the site from Dompet Dhuafa Disaster Management Center (DMC), in collaboration with Basarnas (Indonesian National Search and Relief Agency). The team includes personnel and volunteers experienced in search and rescue operations to assess the situation, look for survivors, and aid with the logistics of evacuating victims and administering first aid. The next stage is rebuilding and assisting the impacted communities by providing charitable funds to the local Dompet Dhuafa chapters and affiliates to be distributed to the communities in need.

Dompet Dhuafa USA has always been committed to channeling humanitarian aid to victims of natural disasters that have not only occurred in Indonesia but also in other parts of the world such as Gaza, Australia, and the United States.

Our relief programs are provided on humanitarian basis regardless of nationality, ethnicity, gender, religious affiliation, or immigration status.

Would you support this critical work? Will you send a little help for disaster victims today?

This post is also available in: Indonesia (Indonesian)