A portion of your donation will go toward administrative costs. The portion is determined by the Board of Directors under the counsel of Dompet Dhuafa Shariah Council.

On most of our donation forms, there will be an option to select either a one-time donation or recurring (monthly) donation. The default option is a one-time transaction. One-time donations will only be processed as authorized for that specific transaction, per the given day.
By selecting recurring donation options, you authorize Dompet Dhuafa USA to automatically transfer your gift each month from the account you provide—the transaction will appear on your checking account or credit card statement. The monthly charge date shall be the date in which the donation was initially submitted. If the monthly charge date needs to be changed, you may submit an email to and request for the monthly date to be changed.

Dompet Dhuafa USA will make every effort to use donations for their intended purpose as designated by donors at the time of the transaction (through verbal or written notification). If we cannot determine the explicit intent of the donation, we reserve the right to automatically default it as general sadaqah. Dompet Dhuafa USA retains complete control over the use and distribution of donated funds under the direction of Board of Directors and Dompet Dhuafa Shariah Council in furtherance of our mission.
Dompet Dhuafa USA follows Islamic principles for collection and distribution of zakat funds, and additionally humanitarian and unrestricted funds are distributed regardless of race, religion, gender, national origin.

Special Notes on specific donation types
Waqf Donation – by fiqh, waqf donations, including monetary donations, are submitted whole to the nazhir (executor) of waqf projects. Depending on the project, some donations may be eligible for a waqf certificate. However, to cover for our transfer and operational fees, we suggest an additional infaq donation of up to 10% with your waqf donation.
Zakat Donation – Please consider adding 3% when using electronic payments to your total zakat donation. This will compensate for any transaction fees deducted from your donation by the credit card companies, and will ensure that your intended zakat amount is paid in full. Alternatively we accept zakat donations by check. Please mail your check to: Dompet Dhuafa USA, Zakat Donation, 9358 Mildred Court, Vienna, VA 22182.  Include your email address on your check if you would like us to email you the receipt.