Waqf Masjid Restoration
in Central Java

Help Rebuild 29 year-old Damaged Masjid in Central Java


Waqf Masjid Restoration
in Central Java

Help Rebuild 29 year-old Damaged Masjid in Central Java


Waqf Masjid Restoration
in Central Java

Prophet Muhammad PBUH says, “When a person dies, his/her acts come to an end, but three: Sadaqah Jariyah (recurring or ongoing charity), useful/beneficial knowledge, or a pious child who prays for the deceased.” (Sunan Ibn Mājah 237)

Waqf falls into the first category; Sadaqah Jariyah, which means that it continues to benefit the donor in the long-term and continues the rewards for donors even after their passing away. It generates rewards from Allah SWT for as long as the asset is beneficial for public use. 

This year, Dompet Dhuafa USA is raising Waqf funds to help restore a 29 year old masjid named Masjid Ar-Ridlo, which is now in a fragile condition. It is located in a remote village in Central Java. The masjid was built in 1994 by the community of Bercak Village, Boyolali. Masjid Ar-Ridlo was constructed to be a proper place of worship for the people of Bercak. The masjid is used for the 5 daily prayers, weekly Friday prayers, and other religious programs (Pengajian, Halaqat, youth activities). Another purpose of the masjid is to also spread Islam in further remote areas.

The masjid was built only using wooden boards. After 29 years of serving the community, the masjid is now in damaged conditions. The walls are now in a very fragile condition where it can just break and collapse anytime. Not only that, there are holes on the roof which won’t be able to protect the people from any debris, sun, and rain. There are also many windows which are shattered. The mimbar, where the Imam would give khutbah from, is also damaged. Not only are these conditions not proper to perform ibaadah, but it can also seriously pose a safety hazard for anybody that comes to the masjid.

All of these conditions are reasons for us to help the people of Bercak and rebuild their masjid. As our brothers and sisters in Islam, we are obligated to relieve any hardship that others are going through. 

Participate in our work to raise a total of $20,000 by December 25 2023 to help restore the masjid! See below for the special packages that we offer to donors to help contribute to this noble cause! If you donate from any of the packages below, we will create a plaque with your name mounted on the walls of the masjid, in sha Allah!

Bronze Package: $100

Silver Package: $250

Gold Package: $500

Diamond Package: $1000

Platinum Package: $2000

The funds raised will be used for the renovation of the masjid which includes: Roofing materials ($6500), Walls materials ($8000), Flooring materials ($2000), Electricity ($500), and Labor ($3000).

Abu Hurairah (RA) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (SAW) said: “Whoever relieves a Muslim of a burden from the burdens of the world, Allah will relieve him of a burden from the burdens on the Day of Judgement. And whoever helps ease a difficulty in the world, Allah will grant him ease from a difficulty in the world and in the Hereafter. And whoever covers (the faults of) a Muslim, Allah will cover (his faults) for him in the world and the Hereafter. And Allah is engaged in helping the worshipper as long as the worshipper is engaged in helping his brother.”

Jami` at-Tirmidhi 1930, Book 27, Hadith 36

Any donation packages from Gold or above will be given a waqf certificate issued by Dompet Dhuafa.

Note: Your waqf donation will be distributed in its entirety to the project. To cover for our transfer fees and the nadhir’s (waqf executor’s) operational fees, we ask that you add an optional additional 10% infaq with your waqf donation. Simply leave the Yes button below checked to include this 10% infaq with your donation. Otherwise, click on the No button to charge just your waqf amount. 

Jazakallah Khayran!

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Waqf Masjid Restoration in Central Java



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