Glorifying orphans is one of the vehicles for us to go in a heaven. Affection for orphans later, God willing, we will be the closest person to His Majesty Rasullulah SWA at the end of the day. In a hadith, Rasulullah said, “I and those who bear orphans (position) in heaven like this,” then he Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam hinted at the index finger, and middle finger and somewhat stretched both of them “(HR. Bukhari, Sahih Bukhari, Sahl bin Sa’ad As-Sa’idiy: 5304).
Foster Parents program is an educational program to support orphaned children’s education in Indonesia. This program has been run by Dompet Dhuafa USA since 2017. For the 2018 program, we cooperated with Yayasan Berkah Yatim Mandiri ( to distribute and manage the educational fund for 50 orphans in Bogor, West Java.
This year, we are working with Dompet Dhuafa chapter Lampung. We channel donation from our donors in the US to 50 orphaned students from low-income families in two sub-districts in South Lampung, Indonesia. This educational fund will support those students for one school year or two semesters and will be renewed in the next year.