Located in the village of Bercak, Boyolali, East Java, Ar Ridlo Mosque has served as the center of worship for 60 families since its establishment in 1994. 

The Ar Ridlo Mosque in Bercak Village, serving as a place of worship, is currently in a state of significant disrepair. The 28-year-old building features holes on all sides of the wall, due to the decay of the wooden material of the walls. The residents of Bercak Village are genuinely worried about the condition of their mosque. In addition to serving as a place of worship, it also acts as a community center for various activities. Unfortunately, due to the current state of disrepair, the community cannot utilize the space fully. 

The Ar Ridlo Mosque in Bercak Village serves not only as a place of worship but also as a center for children’s educational activities. This mosque is the place for children of the village keen on learning to read the Quran. 

At the Ar Ridlo Mosque, children regularly convene after Maghrib until Isha to partake in Quranic studies. The instructor, Mr. Sodiq, has taken on the responsibility of educating the village children with Islamic studies. Typically, the children begin with Maghrib prayer before engaging in collective Quranic learning sessions. However, unfavorable weather conditions, such as rain or wind, may impede the learning process and necessitate a halt to these activities. 

Regarding teaching children the Quran, when asked about its challenges, Mr. Sodiq expressed concerns regarding Ar Ridlo Mosque due to its deteriorated condition. He stated that the children are hesitant to pray there because of the rainwater that seeps in through holes in the walls and roof, necessitating the suspension of activities during rainfall. 

However, because the Ar Ridlo Mosque is the nearest mosque, the community and children have no other option. The community’s financial situation, with the majority of residents being farmers, makes it difficult to raise funds to renovate the Ar Ridlo Mosque. 

Mr. Sodiq and the children stated that they had long hoped to receive assistance in renovating this mosque so that they could worship and study in peace regardless of the weather. 

When a team from DD USA came to visit to deliver the good news of DD USA donors who had provided the masjid waqf donations, it was truly met with gratitude and enthusiasm. It is our sincere hope that this generous contribution will give a long-lasting benefit for the community of Bercak Village. 

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