Dompet Dhuafa USA distributed waqf funds of 64 million rupiah on July 16, 2023, to construct a water well in Susukan Village, Tirtayasa District, Serang Regency.  Because of the state of the ground which is near to the beach, the water in this area is salty, especially during the dry season. Clean water is a luxury in this community, where many people here are farmers.

The construction of the water well started with an area assessment process in which the Dompet Dhuafa Waqf team checked everything from the condition of the area, water conditions, and the location of the springs, to directly asking the local community and local leaders about the conditions of clean water in the area.  The construction of the water well was then started after the evaluation process was approved.

The Waqf team held a public meeting to announce the construction of the water well to the community and local public leaders.  The purpose of this meeting is to promote public awareness about the importance of using safe drinking water and to protect water well so it can be properly maintained. 

Additionally, socialization was carried out to invite the community to be actively involved in the construction of this well, to build a sense of shared ownership. The program’s long-term viability and usefulness can be sensed using this approach.  Because this is a waqf program, the benefits must be used over an extended period of time in order for the rewards to continue to flow to the waqf donors.

Aside from the meeting, there was the creation of Kelompok Swadaya Masyarakat, subsequently known as KSM.  KSM is in charge of carrying out the construction of water wells under the supervision and coordination of Dompet Dhuafa Banten. KSM is also a user maintenance group, which means they must maintain the water well after it is built.

This water well will be completed in November 2023, if all goes well in sha Allah. We will continue to provide updates on the building of this water well.  We also ask for prayers so that progress can proceed without obstacles in sha Allah.