People who can replace Ramadan fasting by paying fidyah are only those who are unable to fast. Fidyah is giving food to the poor every day, with a dose of 1 mud (more than 6 ounces) of basic food. The provisions of this measure are based on a narration from Ibn ‘Abbas,” Anyone who is […]
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Quran for Inmates

The US has the most people live in federal, state, and county prison (2.3 million people in the end of 2017). Muslim inmates represent 10% to 15% of all American prisoners. The number is growing. Inmates education is a key to reduce recidivism. Inmates who participated in correctional education programs had 43 percent lower odds of recidivating […]
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Zakat Al-Fitr

One of the goals of paying zakat is to fulfil the fourth pillar of Islam. As Muslims, we must do this worship. Zakat itself is divided into two types in Islam, the first is zakat fitrah, which is the zakat that we usually spend before Idul Fitri day, and zakat maal is the zakat issued […]
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Disaster Relief

Natural disasters cannot be predict and the victims of natural disasters need help from all of us. Indonesia is one of the countries that have diverse geologies, and this makes Indonesia prone to disasters such as flooding, earthquake, fire, and even tsunami. To avoid all this, of course, we should be vigilant and always pay […]
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Zakat on Wealth

The main purpose of zakat is to purify one’s possessions by distributing a portion of the possessions to impoverished people. Zakat is an instrument of social-economic justice in Islam. “And, from their possessions were given the right of the needy petitioner and the deprived” (Adh-Dhariyat:19). Will you purify your wealth today?
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Give once but the benefits are endless! Waqf is an Islamic endowment fund that allowing a donor to give funds or assets to be managed by an asset management (nahdir). The profit of the managed assets are used to help people in need. Prophet Muhammad PBUH says, “When a person dies, his/her acts come to […]
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