The inauguration of new drilled well building

The northern region of Banten, specifically the Tirtayasa sub-district, is primarily characterized by rice fields, swamps, and brackish water. Daily activities such as bathing and washing still rely on riverbanks, which are usually supplied by water irrigation systems for rice fields.

However, during the dry season, the scarcity or absence of river water presents significant problems. Moreover, the lack of clean water facilities in the region results in low environmental health standards. 

Access to clean water is a fundamental human right, and its absence can have serious implications for individuals and communities. This is evident in the Tirtayasa sub-district, where the reliance on river water for daily activities, coupled with the absence of clean water facilities, puts the local population at risk of waterborne diseases. 

El Nino hurricane has affected Susukan Village severely, causing severe droughts. The lack of access to clean water has negatively impacted the livelihoods of the local community, particularly farmers who rely on irrigation to grow crops.

Currently, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of residents struggle to meet their basic need for clean water. Many people have to look for clean water in distant springs or also have to buy clean water at very high prices. 

In addition to short-term efforts to provide assistance in the form of distributing water tankers filled with clean water, Dompet Dhuafa aims to provide a sustainable solution to the water crisis in Susukan Village by implementing the Well Waqf program. This program entails building a drilled well and supporting structures, which is funded by Dompet Dhuafa USA.  

In a remarkable feat of communal effort, the Susukan village community completed a construction project in just under a month. The result of their collaborative efforts is a drilled well that serves as a valuable resource for drought relief. 

The inauguration of new drilled well building

On November 9th, 2023, Dompet Dhuafa Banten inaugurated a new drilled well building, complete with storage tanks and other supporting structures, to benefit the residents of Tirtayasa District in Serang, Banten. The event was attended by the Head of the Dompet Dhuafa Banten Branch, the Head of Susukan Village, Babinsa Tirtayasa District, Community Figures, and local residents.  

The local residents were thrilled with the new drilled well building and expressed their appreciation for the program. They acknowledged the positive impact it would have on their daily lives, particularly in terms of health and sanitation. 

The inauguration of the new drilled well building in Tirtayasa District marks a significant milestone for the Well Waqf Program and reaffirms Dompet Dhuafa’s commitment to providing sustainable solutions to the water crisis in Indonesia. This achievement represents a step towards improving the lives of less fortunate communities.