People who can replace Ramadan fasting by paying fidyah are only those who are unable to fast. Fidyah is giving food to the poor every day, with a dose of 1 mud (more than 6 ounces) of basic food. The provisions of this measure are based on a narration from Ibn ‘Abbas,” Anyone who is very old who is unable to fast, Ramadan, and then he gives fidyah a day as much as one mud of wheat. “[HR. Bukhâri]. Imam al-Baihaqi issued similar history from the Companions of Ibn Umar. This verse explains that those who are unable to fast during Ramadan can replace it by giving food to the poor.

People who are categorized as people unable to fast and are required to pay fidyah are; (1) pregnant people, (2) breastfeeding people, (3) ancient people and (4) Included in the group who are unable to fast are people who have very acute illness, chronic, and cannot be expected to recover. Find out how to do fidyah via us by clicking on this link (link provided).. Will you give the fidyah to people in hunger today?